Why Choosing a Managed Travel Program is a Good Business Decision

With the ever changing economy, Canadians are working long hours on average. As if that is not enough, the pay does not correspond with the amount of time worked and the skill level. The majority of workers struggle to stay inspired when working under such circumstances. Fortunately, a business owner can implement an incentive travel program to solve the problem of disgruntled employees and improve employee motivation. Since the economy is also not so forgiving to the business owner, there is need to look for a corporate travel program that provides service, savings, and convenience. A company that offers managed travel programs will work with you to achieve these goals by creating a custom program that is tailored towards the unique needs and expectations of your business.

Here are some of the benefits of a managed travel program.

Cost-Saving Benefits

Travel expense is a company’s second or third largest expenditure. Having skilled travel management experts negotiate and manage travel-related expenses provides significant benefits to the company. Also, monitoring and analyzing travel expenses is essential for recognizing cost-cutting opportunities.

Travel managers are able to negotiate preferred rates and discounts with travel suppliers depending on your company’s travel needs. They are the essential components to managing negotiations and reviewing vendor relationships.

Safety and Efficiency

Other than the monetary benefits, a managed travel program also brings valuable strategic, non-monetary advantages to a company. Corporate travel managers are responsible for offering valuable services to their clients- the company’s traveler. This includes ensuring the trip is both productive and safe. Passengers require a smooth and efficient process of traveling to meet an organization’s business objectives. When taking a personal, corporate or national crisis, these professionals are quick to reduce the risks to business as well as its travelers by offering emergency assistance and employee tracking services. Travelers can find themselves stuck in a remote place, or an area that is a potential danger zone and this is where these monitoring services will come in handy.


By implementing a proper corporate travel program, business owners will quickly notice a boost in employee motivation and productivity when doing their work. And, with a managed travel program, you will be able to realize these benefits without jeopardizing the company revenue. A managed travel program will balance employee needs with business goals, both financial and otherwise. Travel managers facilitate adherence to company travel policies, ensures cost tracking, and brings about savings through negotiated discounts. They also serve as an important information source for employees and the company management in case the travel experiences any mishaps.

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