Top Activites You Can Do In Sydney NSW

Visiting Sydney can be an exciting time. With the agriculture, stunning views, amazing sights, and all the wonderful places to visit, you can have a week’s worth of fun to have. Sydney, Australia is home to more than just an Australian accent; there’s opera houses, sightseeing tours, a multitude of beaches, and lots of great eateries to enjoy only the best food on the market.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is a breathtaking sight worth experiencing. Take a stroll across the bridge and take in the views and sights. Witness the stunning beauty for free without paying a cent. Take a few quick photos of the bridge from a far in nearby locations making it the perfect photo op. This massive steel arched bridge is one of the most visited sights in all of Sydney for very incredible reasons.

The Opera House

The Opera House is a unique location to provide you a show that you will truly enjoy. This location gives you the chance to witness a wide variety of music and even just beautiful views from outside the venue. It’s a beautiful location worth capturing on your phone.

Manly Beach

Manly Beach is just a short and quick ferry ride away from enjoying the stunning views and beautiful waters of this beach. With a nice well maintained sandy beach, this is the perfect place to do some basic surfing, people watch, and get a really good tan very easily.

Cremorne Point to Mosman Bay Walk

If you are looking for a place to go to hike or walk around, this is the place to be. Cremorne is a wonderful forest type location with walkways and locations that can be the perfect way to relax and enjoy your night without any hesitations. Mosman Bay Walk gives you a wide range of places to dive into throughout the hike. If you make sure to grab a nice car rental Sydney, you will find it much easier to travel around the area.


A wide range of Churches and stunning Cathedrals are perfect to witness because of the stunning size, architecture, and the overall beauty of these Churches. Just a quick glimpse at the St. Mary’s Cathedral or St. Andrew’s, they are all unique and worth visiting for a Sunday mass or even just a quick prayer before you sightsee again.

Getting around town is much easier with a car rental Sydney. Driving around on your own saves plenty of money in comparison to driving using public transportation. It allows you to have more comfort and open options to go anywhere. Sydney is full of surprising attractions and sights, and you are not limited at all to the sights located above.

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