India Travel Guide: Touring The Wonders Of Old And New Delhi

India is called the sub-continent for good reason. For one reason, it’s huge: over a million square miles. And then there’s its incredible diversity of geography, climate, cultures, and languages. This makes travelling to India, especially for the first time, a real challenge. Where does one begin? A guided tour is probably going to be the best option. And when considering India tours, here’s a suggestion. Start with Delhi, modern India’s capital city.

India has been compared to a funnel: over the centuries many new peoples and cultures have poured in, and with time have mingled and joined together to form the modern nation. Nowhere in India is this fact more apparent than in Delhi, whose roots go back nearly three thousand years. Delhi figures in ancient epic. Emperors from India, central Asia, Afghanistan, and beyond left their mark. The British made the city one of the hubs of their colonial administration. Delhi teems with must-see monuments of its rich antiquity, while at the same time offering a breathtaking range of experiences, from bazaars and delicious street-food to art galleries and world-class music.

The tourist’s best introduction to the richness of Delhi and its culture is through one of several available vacation packages, including airfare and hotel. Once on the ground, select from a variety of tours that allow you to experience Delhi’s grand miscellany as a whole, then to focus in greater depth upon one principle aspect of the Delhi environment. Here’s a sample of what’s available.

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